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Website 12. Nov, 2018


Website 16. Oct, 2018


I love your site. I hope you are doing well.

Website 12. Oct, 2018

Monika Bürger

Underbar hemsida, användbar information.

Website 9. Oct, 2018


Pretty Cool! very nice website

Website 2. Aug, 2018

Beulah Bush

It’s really admirable to read your words.

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Website 17. Nov, 2017

Mike's Foam Rollers

Love it--good stuff

Website 8. Oct, 2017


This is a interesting site.

26. Mar, 2016

Mike & Maria

The water garden feature - sits perfectly in the garden

26. Mar, 2016

Mike & Maria

Came across your business by chance when visiting McLaren Vale, what a great find. The yard is full of great pieces and the service also excellent. We ended up purchasing quite a few pieces, thankyou for all your help in the selection process - they all
look absolutely stunning in our garden

Website 22. Jan, 2016


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Website 11. Aug, 2014

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25. Apr, 2014

Alice Dellatorre

I love your staff album ! You must have fun while at work !

18. Apr, 2014


came across your name in the yellow pages so decided to look at the website. it is really good that you have so many photos would love to walk amongst them.
will have to make a journey up there

Website 4. Mar, 2014

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Hi there, very nice pages and very pretty website

Website 12. Apr, 2013


Thank you for including the beautiful images--so open to a sense of contemplationsaa

Website 12. Apr, 2013


Thank you for including the beautiful images--so open to a sense of contemplation

Website 10. Feb, 2013


Wow! Pretty Cool! I love the rose fountain!

Website 26. Dec, 2012


Wonderfull fontains, greeting from Belgium

Website 2. Oct, 2012

Himangi Nagar

Hi I am Himangi Nagar. Please visit my website..and yours is nice..

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please come and see me and my cousin's site we barely got it and we want to show people and tell other people about us

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1. Aug, 2011


Ron & Richard what a wonderful business you have , also great interaction and interest you showed to me today.I love the presentation of all your fine works!!!! I am so excited with the frog pond and fish fountain I cant wait to order....... see you soon !!!!

5. Jun, 2011

Kevin Williams

Studio180 custom built a gargoyle water feature for our event. Filled with red wine - it was the centrepiece of the night.

5. Jun, 2011

Kevin Williams

Studio180 custom built a gargoyle water feature for our event. Filled with red wine - it was the centrepiece of the night.

5. Jun, 2011


Thank you Ron & Richard for helping us redesign our water feature . We love it and feel that the cone on the top makes it just perfect . It was well worth the drive to your fantastic shop.

2. May, 2011

Sally & Greg

We recently bought a birdbath for our garden, you were very helpful in making up what we wanted and we were very pleased with the price. I think you guys have a great range - thanks!

27. Apr, 2011


I am searching for an "old lady & a old man sitting on a bench drinking tea & eating biscuits". Could you let me know if you have it. Ta.

22. Apr, 2011

Jackie Davis

HI, i manage a small aboriginal nursery and looking for animal statues and planters etc and would love your contact details and a price list if possible please. 0427300606

1. Apr, 2011


Hi there,
I am interested in buying a solar powered bird bath, or have the ability to solar power it Do you have any of this kind or where to buy it, are you planning to have them or do you know who sells them. Would appreciate your help

14. Mar, 2011

gary cummings

hi there, 2 questions firstly do you ship any of your ornaments to the uk? and the second question is actually to ask for some help. i make garden ornaments but am struggling to get the detail highlighted, by this i mean just left as natural stone but the black to remain in the crevices, any help would be much appreciated, thanks gary

24. Jan, 2011


Hi, couldn't find contact details could you please give me a price on a water feature? Tall rectangular with leaf design (water runs down over face of feature)

23. Jan, 2011


I couldn't find contact details to ask questions. I may have over looked that but if you could contact me please i have a question or two?

16. Jan, 2011


Good site. It would help if you could give more information about each item like a name or number, the size (H,W,D),what it is made of, whether glazed, available colours, price and a contact number to purchase the item.
We are looking for 2 planter's as shown in your photo's (Stunning)but it needs to be 75-77cms in height.
We live in Adelaide and would be pleased if you can help.
Thanks Wayne.

Website 23. Dec, 2010

ajitha kumari

Royal garden scape is a well known firm in Dubai.
We deal with all kinds of garden planters, ornaments, fountains & pebbles etc. you can also visit our web-site to have idea about our company.
Our MD is interested to explore about the latest and variety garden products that are available in the market, so we would like to have the details of your company & product availabilities.
I would appreciate if you could mail me with all the details with photographs of the products.

Thank you

Website 28. Nov, 2010


I wish you the nice first Advent, blessed Christmas and a lot of fun during the days before Christmas.

Many lots of love from Holger from Wismar

6. Nov, 2010

Sanjay Jain

I am based in India and wanting to start similar business for which please do reply back on moulds and production process with a price list if its convienient please


29. Oct, 2010

Nick & Ruby Butler

Our new season Ruby Red rose looks stunning in the perfectly sized & coloured pot & base, we recently bought from you Ron - a beautiful greeting every time we come back to our home...!!

Website 26. Oct, 2010


Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.

6. Oct, 2010


Could you please supply a list of retailers in Sydney or NSW? Thanks so much.

27. Sep, 2010

Gregg Churchill

Loved your site and products. I am in Perth WA, do you supply any retailers here?
Please let me know if you do,

Many Thanks,

Kind regrads,

Gregg ;-)

13. Sep, 2010

Luke and Kat

Hi guys, great site and probably looking at purchasing.

Do you guys do any requests ? If we have a picture of something ?

14. Jun, 2010

Nick & Ruby butler

Our 'unique' back garden using a range of wonderful Studio 180 products

12. Jun, 2010

Nick & Ruby Butler

Our front garden

12. Jun, 2010

Nick & Ruby Butler

Hi Ron, great to meet with you again today. We have been so please with your products that have really made our house a home. Many of our friends & family have commentated on the look, feel & uniqueness of the wall, pots & features - home you enjoy the pic

8. Jun, 2010

Bill Kong

Hi, pls contact me and I will bring you new items which can promote your sales.

24. May, 2010

Maureen Driggs

Amazing. Do you ever ship to the states? Do you have a retailer in the states?
Thanks. M-

16. May, 2010


Oh My God!!!! what an awesome collection, at last I have found someone who has a decent collection in South Australia, guess where I am heading on the Weekend!

4. May, 2010


yo ronnie,
can you get a birdbath to mum for mothers day??? As you have good taste i'll let you decide. Something for her front, I think. Can u let me know and i'll fix u up. Cheers Rich.

25. Apr, 2010


It isn't really clear what your products are made of and their approx prices....

Website 22. Apr, 2010


Nice website! Lisa

13. Apr, 2010


Hi, fantastic site, great stuff. URGENT !! I am hunting everywhere for a concrete aboriginal as pictured.
Do you have these, or do you know of anyone who does?? Been hunting around Adelaide to no avail.

13. Apr, 2010


how do i contact you for a price list of your products so that i can order

12. Mar, 2010

Dee Lucas

I love everything about your Ive just got to contact you so I can order for my Nursery Resturant here on the Mid West Coast.Cheers Dee

8. Mar, 2010

Gabrielle Barbagallo

Hello Ron, if you ever think about making a wider, shallower bowl (approx one
metre wide) for
the bird bath with the flowers on base as per my order, please let me be
the first to know.
Regards Gabrielle.

28. Jan, 2010


how do i find the prices, sizes etc. of your statues please?
Thanks Belinda

16. Jan, 2010

Jac Pontifex

This is exactly what a website needs to be like when you're looking for ideas, loved it!
Downside, now I my wishlist has quadroupled at least!!

Website 14. Jan, 2010


Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.

12. Jan, 2010


Looks great, can`t wait to visit for a fosic, i am building a house ,nearly finished & i have been looking for a water feature for my new courtyard see you soon jo

5. Nov, 2009


Hi, great work! was wondering how much for the bird bath with the flowers on it that looks like an urn?

Website 4. Oct, 2009


Wow your site look god and those statue IT IS ART
I wanna find some those

Greetings jani from finland

1. Oct, 2009

Vicki Pollard

These statues are fantastic, a wide variety and not as expensive as others i have come across. I am so glad to finally find a place where i can buy quality goods in a relaxed atmosphere and with great friendly customer service. It's a pleasure to do business with you. You have made my house and garden look sensational

Website 29. Sep, 2009

Solid Solutions

Hi Ron
Very impressive work. Love the Gargoyles!!!
Solid Solutions

Website 28. Sep, 2009


Love your site and the new floral bird bath.(Perhaps my Kereru could visit one. A long flight unfortunatley!) Have you found you sell your art direct from your website or more a useful tool to tell people to check out what you have to offer as I have found??

18. Sep, 2009

Sandra Griffith

Hi - one of your beautiful ZEN Buddha on pedestal has a home in Kiama on the NSW South Coast - I brought it here with me from Adelaide.